speechmaking for students : part two

'Glossophobia' or speech anxiety is the fear of public speaking. 

Unlike other phobias that may not directly affect your professional life, speech  anxiety can be downright career-defining. So instead of leaving your oratory  success to chance, what you

  • 12 Sep 2020

  • Sarthak Sharma


into hannah

I woke up the next day with the worst kind of hangover and everything that had happened

  • 21 Aug 2020

  • Jessica Joby


the erroneous hero label

Today there is a definite need to call for a discussion on the current practice of desi

  • 19 Aug 2020

  • Richa Mohta

The modern-Day Argonaut

the modern-day argonaut

You think of space; Elon is the name. You think of electric cars; Elon is the name. You

  • 07 Aug 2020

  • Bhavin Yardi


a fatal sensation

All I know about truth is: it is a noun and nothing else. Truth is a very sophisticated

  • 31 Jul 2020

  • Arghyadeep Dhar


dealing with loneliness

Loneliness,  an emotion which we all have encountered at least once in our lives.

  • 29 Jul 2020

  • Yash Chandak


the next big thing

Evolution of UI/UX over the ages

Customer satisfaction is of utmost i

  • 26 Jul 2020

  • Anurag Baral


life on a chessboard

Check-Mate! Boom! What an intense game it was! 

Wait, do you thi

  • 22 Jul 2020

  • Bhavin Yardi


special night

It was a very special night.

I was at your rich ass best friend's par

  • 22 Jul 2020

  • Jessica Joby


my happy place

Everyone loves the notion of a personal “happy place” — somewhere you

  • 19 Jul 2020

  • Richa Mohta


kane and abel

Author – Jeffrey Archer

Tone – Sincere, pragmatic

  • 16 Jul 2020

  • Mukul Joshi

College Time Memories


It is rarely talked about but I want to talk about it. Whenever you will ask for advice

  • 12 Jul 2020

  • Krishna Seth

College Time Why Worry?

why worry?

A study in London found that people spend almost five years of their lives worrying. It

  • 12 Jul 2020

  • Chirag Jain

College Time Small Town Things

small town things

“Small town guys” -this common yet agonizing phrase is used to prejudice th

  • 07 Jul 2020

  • Arghyadeep Dhar

College Time Power


We often see in our lives that people crave power. Well, people not only crave power, t

  • 07 Jul 2020

  • Yash Chandak

College Time Gender Bias in College

gender bias in college

Let’s look at the college life through the lens of this desired improvement. 

  • 06 Jul 2020

  • Rashmi Hegde

College Time Not Just A Dance Story!

not just a dance story!

Dance: for some people, it’s a way to express, for others it’s a cure for s

  • 06 Jul 2020

  • Snehal Patil

College Time

life during architecture

When I was in the 6th standard I went with my family on a trip to Jaipur. Though I was way too yo

  • 05 Jul 2020

  • Ananya Goel