“Crying is all right in its way while it lasts. But you have to stop sooner or later, and then you still have to decide what to do.”

- C. S. Lewis

Niket Gupta


The Story

Do you have a memory of a time when you used to cycle with supportive wheels?  Then there came the time when they were taken away. It might have been hard for you to adapt, but you needed to grow. This changeover from school to college is a similar experience.

It is intriguing to find oneself in a new environment, whether it be a new Home, Town, School, or College. It will amaze you how differently a mind responds to such new Environments. The reaction differs from people to people. When all of these people mingle together, it is something worth enjoying. The first day of college is the start of your career. If you think this deeply, it is petrifying for a person who just started to grow up. Many people don’t realize it then, but it will haunt their late-night thoughts. Although you have a particular degree to pursue, it doesn’t mean you will end up in that discipline. So, we might say that you chose a path without realizing where it will take its turn. Because until now, your parents determined your target without granting you much freedom. And you are addicted to this self-destroying habit of depending on other people. Since they are not omnipresent, you give this privilege to Destiny. You might have planned everything out, but what when things go sideways?


Forget a future where other people will decide what is better for you. From apples to oranges, every decision you take will help you grow. You will also come to know about various factors governing your choices, which will help you grow. Consider an example where you have to decide on which brand of soap you want to buy. You have a choice between Cinthol and a local one. Here, you might have to trade off certain things if you buy any of the soaps. Your decision will definitely affect your other choices. You will find yourself in a Supermarket with dozens of such similar trade-offs. These decisions will depend on things like quality, comfortability, financial conditions, etc. Being a student, you shall always ponder upon such things. This increases your capabilities as a decision taker giving you more confidence as a person.


Slowly, you will take significant bigger steps in life, and with that, it is time for the things to ponder upon various things. You will find hundreds of opinionated people who will advise you to follow a particular path. Such decisions that will lead you to your probable future will be taken. And then all of the factors which you could think of will pave your path. Those people will also play their part and you will know how to tackle them. The most important part of college is while choosing such elements that will combine to form your career. Moreover, the independency of your thoughts will help you to grow and develop a better sense of judgment. And all of this difficult, but important stuff starts as you leave the comfortable shade of your parents, who are your guardian angels.


Decision Making isn’t an easy task. The main reason is that it will help you take responsibility. When you take those small responsibilities, it prepares you for the big stuff. Decision Making isn’t an easy task. The main reason is that it will help you take responsibility. When you take those small responsibilities, it prepares you for the big stuff. Steadily, you take control over your whole life. You easily organize your life, get everything together in place, and minor things won’t bother you. You will be ready for big life decisions and won’t obsess over whether you are making the right decision. You will come to peace with what you are since it was you who decided what you wanted to be. The result of your action doesn't matter, but it shows you have the guts to make that happen. College gives you the possibility to test and improve your decision-making skills. It gives you enough liberty and time to think over your decisions. It is the learning phase of your life, and it gives you enough space and time to experiment. You will understand where you went wrong and get enough time to find the remedy. Which is the answer to "why colleges make you mature enough to start your life?" 

The conclusion is a bit blurry unlike your future should be. Just kidding! Just remember that if you are about to go to college, then you have to understand that your supporting wheels have been removed without you knowing about it and it’s all for the best.


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Priyanka borwanker

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